Gift Voucher

Do you want to make someone happy and give them free yoga or pilates lessons?

Here you can get a gift voucher with prepaid credits in our studios Jóga Letná and Jóga Vinohrady.

You can choose from 200 CZK, 600 CZK, 1000 CZK or 1400 CZK voucher.

Make someone happy here!

The user can choose which yoga studio to upload the credits to. It is also possible to split the voucher in half and upload the credits into the booking systems of both studios. Recorded credits are always valid for 2 months.

It is always necessary to ask for uploading credits our assistants via email. Our reservation systems are splited so far and if you want to go to both of them, you have to register and upload credits in each one. Thank you for understanding.