About us

We met at the university and yoga united us on a same path. We started with projects like Office yoga and our first studio Joga Letná.

Our goal is to use the principles of yoga to  real life of the 21st century. We are super happy from every smile on your face, after yoga class ends and you come out and you simply shine. This is what motivate us the most!

We are Helča and Bára. Friends and guardians of the studio with a great team of professional and experienced lecturers.

We felt in love with yoga by coinsidence

Maybe like you right now! Don’t worry. It’s a way. Which can lead you in really interesting directions.

Who is teaching in the studio?
Meet our group of yogis,
enthusiasts and movement lovers. We work with carefully selected people who are in harmony with our values.

Do you wonder how the interior looks like?

Do you wonder how the interior looks like? We have designed the studio the way we felt it. The idea was to feel like home. We hope you enjoy it here!

What do you often ask us?

We summarized the most frequently asked questions in the table, so look there before you start emailing us 🙂